You only need one Ventilation Supplier – Ventpro knows everything about service and installation. We are also happy to help with both energy optimization and coordinated installations.

We are good at indoor climate. You know what climate you need

Together we create indoor environments in which people and machines thrive in and the property feels good.

All the way

Ventpro’s ventilation department offers assistance all the way from idea, development of proposals, program documents and design to installation and service / maintenance. Regardless of whether it is about new, renovation or redevelopment of offices, schools, industries or housing.

Experience, knowledge and adaptation

Our own knowledge and experience have created many successful indoor climates and environments for more than 45 years. We adapt solutions to your and your customers’ needs.

Long-term pay off

All our solutions are based on energy efficiency and environmental considerations. We are aware that long-term sustainable solutions always work best. Therefore, “quick fix” is never relevant with us. You as a customer have the right to expect a good economy and full functionality for many years to come.

Ventilation Design

The sooner the better. It is often on the drawing board that smart energy and environmental solutions are created.

In connection with contracting and service, we are happy to participate and draw the best solution for your building.
Ideally as early as possible in the project, whether it is a residential building or commercial real estate. And whether it is about new, additions or remodeling.

When needed, we also have many competent partners who supplement and strengthen our design department.


With the Ventpro Group’s overall competence, it is always close between drawing and reality. The designers work together with our experienced consultants and installers. In this way, we make sure it is right from the start, cost-effective and energy-efficient.

Ventilation service and maintenance

We are able to offer a complete range of services associated with our entire range of air handling products.

Our technical services ensure that we get it right from the project outset. We can help you select the right solution, help with start-up and commissioning support and then perform year after year of servicing, maintenance and upgrade of equipment.

We will be there for you every step of the way, on hand with our know-how and tools so that you can rely on totally smooth operation for the life of your building.

Swegon Connect

Remote access to your indoor climate…

With Swegon Connect you can get remote access to your indoor climate system. You can directly connect to products and systems, which can facilitate monitoring, configuration, troubleshooting, service and maintenance.

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