Ventilation and Virus Transmission – COVID 19

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Ventilation plays an essential role in creating a safe and comfortable indoor environment. In a building people run the risk of reducing indoor air quality and using the out-door air as a method of ventilation through opening a door and a window is currently not an option since this has a higher risk of transmitting […]

What about humidity? – Indoor Air Quality

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Humidity can have a positive effect on human health and well being but it’s still oftentimes overlooked when indoor air environments are being planned. When humidity is too dry it often causes a dry throat and lips whilst also making it easier for viruses to spread, and when it’s too humid it causes other diseases […]

Are air purifiers enough? – Indoor Air Quality

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We spend the absolute majority of our lives inside, particularly in our homes. So, shouldn’t the air we breathe 58 years of our life be of highest importance?  That we need fresh and healthy air inside to feel good is obvious. Getting headaches, asthma and allergic reactions could otherwise be the potential outcome of poor […]

Electrostatic Filters – The new generation of filters

Electrostatic filter

An electrostatic filter with active plates is one of the big reasons why VentPro can promise fresh air in a sustainable manner. The electrostatic filter (electronic filter) is made out of active aluminum plates that are electrostatically charged. This ensures the building fresh and purified air since it separates the polluting substances with the actual […]

Indoor air pollution – Causes, effects and solution (2022)

Indoor air pollution

Outdoor air pollution is widely talked about today. Especially in places like Bangkok and London where people literally see a cloud of smog on the worst of days. But what’s less obvious, but just as dangerous, is the invisible indoor air pollution that exists in every home around the globe.    Indoor air pollution exists […]

Why do we need ventilation in our homes?

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Ventilation isn’t something that has been needed throughout human existence since nature does a perfect job ventilating the air. But ever since we started building airtight houses we’ve experienced dire consequences on health and performance due to the contaminations of unventilated areas, and ventilation has been absolutely vital ever since. Many of our new clients […]

What are VOCs and how does it affect you?

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VOC’s are a large group of chemicals that exist in everything from paint, cleaning products, cosmetics to smoking odors. There are over 10.000 different ordinary household products that contain VOCs.    All VOCs have high vapor pressure, which means that they evaporate easily when in contact with air molecules. Paint, for example, evaporates VOCs directly […]

How Mold and Mildew affects Indoor Air Quality

mold and mildew

Mold and mildew are fungi that are created by moisture in stagnant air. This leads mold and mildew to commonly grow in places like bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, as well as under carpets and wallpapers. It’s very common that mold affects common peoples homes and it’s incredibly common that it affects hotels. The latter is […]

How Extensive Co2 affects Indoor Air Quality

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Us humans breathe in oxygen and out carbon dioxide. There is obviously nothing bad at all with this since it’s how nature intended it to be. But ever since we started making airtight houses the norm, we’ve basically mass manufactured buildings without a natural airflow. This means that the air we breathe out (Co2) doesn’t […]