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The perfect companion for indoor environments allowing you to monitor CO2 levels, temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure


Monitoring CO2 is smart

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Tired and can't concentrate?

Ever feel tired and drowsy in a room? Can’t focus and head feels heavy? Your air quality might be to blame. Namely, the CO2 level.

High Co2 levels decrease productivity

According to Harvard research, high CO2 levels can decrease your productivity, cognitive abilities and general wellbeing. For example, if the CO2 concentration in the room exceeds 1000 parts per million, your cognitive function decreases by 15%. Worse yet, if CO2 levels reach 1400 ppm, your cognitive abilities drop by a staggering 50%.

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Co2 level as a proxy for ventilation quality

Monitoring CO2 in public spaces helps to encourage proper ventilation. CO2 is a gas produced when we exhale. So, the higher CO2 in the room, the more you’re breathing air that someone else has already exhaled. Therefore, monitoring CO2 levels provides warnings about the air quality deteriorating.

Aranet 4 is smarter than others

High accuracy

The non-dispersive infrared sensor (NDIR) inside Aranet4 ensures high precision measurements 



Easy to use

Aranet4 is easy for anyone to use – the colour coding warns you when the air quality deteriorates



Aranet4 app

Connect your device to the app to view, track, and analyze data from over the past month



Wireless and portable

The device can last up to 10 years, depending on the user’s selected measurement interval frequency

Choose between

Aranet 4 HOME



The ideal choice for a living space to monitor air quality in one particular location at a time

Standalone device

Track air quality at home or take with it wherever you go

Get notified when you need to improve air quality

Connect to the free Aranet 4 app to view and analyze historical data

High quality, reliable and easy to use for anyone

Aranet 4 PRO



For multiple rooms and locations to constantly monitor the conditions on premises 

Works best with Aranet PRO base station

Use multiple Aranet 4 PRO devices in different locations and connect them to the base station and Aranet cloud for centralized monitoring

Integrate Aranet 4 PRO monitors in your existing ventilation systems and solutions

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What people say about Aranet4
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''This is an exceptionally well-built devide which, having been users of SAD microwaveproducts for over ten years, come as no surprise to us. The engineering quality is very good. Would recommend.
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''An indispensable tool. Highly recommended for monitoring schools, workplaces and home air quality.
Joseph DysonAuthor at
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''Aranet4 HOME is so portable that it can be used on the move, can be a great way to slow down the spread of coronavirus and airborne viruses that may be lurking infoors.''

Aranet4 users worldwide

Don't hesitate

High Co2 levels can negatively affect your well-being and productivity. Be smarter than other and take care of yourself on this level.

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