We had a great show at Architect Expo 2019 Bangkok with many visitors, interesting discussions and a lot of fun.
We showed how we improve the IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) with our products and solutions from Swegon and Vents for residential, office and hotels.

We showed different ventilation system such as,

Exhaust Passive Inlet system with a smart bathroom fan and Vent Inlets with PM2.5 filter you can improve your IAQ a lot in a simple way.

Wall ERV ventilation, a product you can install direct in the wall and it supply and exhaust air. With this you not only improve your IAQ you also can use the regeneration function that will save you some energy. This units also come with filtration for example PM2.5.

Duct ERV system, we showed how Ventpro install spiral ducts with ERV, silencers for reduce the sound example in a residential unit or an office. Good diffusers that we do direct air balancing in to get the correct air flow and air volume.We had different ERV products and some with application control, rotary heat exchangers that is the most efficient to save COLD air energy and filtration for PM2.5.

We thank you all for visting us! You all made this event unforgettable and thank you all who became customer to us after this event.

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