Are air purifiers enough? – Indoor Air Quality


We spend the absolute majority of our lives inside, particularly in our homes. So, shouldn’t the air we breathe 58 years of our life be of highest importance? 

That we need fresh and healthy air inside to feel good is obvious. Getting headaches, asthma and allergic reactions could otherwise be the potential outcome of poor indoor air quality. There are a lot of products on the market, such as air purifiers, that can seem to solve this problem at first glance. But it’s unfortunately not so easy. 


Asthma, allergies and poor IAQ 

A purifier is in the context a cheap solution that for sure does its job in regards to purifying dust as well as VOCs and PM to some extent. The problem with these is that no fresh air is supplied to the building, it instead just cleans the existing air. Existing air that just circulates around the home can often create sick building syndrome, asthma, air-related allergic reactions, and itchiness, and this was shown in northern Europe and America during 1970-80 when airborne heating systems with existing air was popular, but this is through a healthy perspective not optimal at all. 


The air must be exchanged all the time 

The existing air has a to high Co2 level as well as other emissions (VOCs, PM) that are inside the building which means that the risk of headaches and tiredness prevails even though an air purifier is installed. Some more expensive air purifiers can measure radon, co2 and humidity levels which is good to some extent, but a well functioning HVAC system is needed to solve this problem if the people inside are to feel good. 


There are no shortcuts

In order to clean up the air from dust and particles with minimal energy consumption whilst ventilating away radon and getting the right temperature and humidity, at the same time as consumed air and emissions are evacuated and new air is added, it is nothing less than an ERV ventilation that meets all these fundamental needs. This is what ERV does for you and your home: 

  • Supplies fresh air/oxygenation
  • Exhausts bad and consumed air
  • Ventilates CO2 and other contaminants
  • Ventilation extensive humidity that otherwise will create mold and in return allergies and tiredness (amongst others) 
  • Ventilates away Radon
  • Air Conditioning – the right temperature and humidty 
  • Ventilates ALL the rooms and exhausts poor air and smells in for example kitchens and toilets/bathrooms.  
  • Filtrates particles, i.e particulate matter and airborne viruses such as covid 19 
  • Effective heating & cooling recycling
  • Measures temperature on the outside, supply and exhaust air(room temperature) 
  • Lowers the energy consumption relatively to supply only, exhaust only or active air flow


Import to remember 

Air purifiers can lower dust and particles, but it is in no shape or form adequate for a good IAQ or IEQ. Air purifiers can measure the quality of the IAQ but not solve any of its problems. If you want a perfect indoor air environment you don’t need to look further than ERV

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