Do you feel you have an interest in ventilation, are a contractor or maybe you have a AirCon shop and want to extend your business

VentPro have an opportunity for you!

This is what we can help you with and how it can work,
What you can expect from us

VentPro buys from the biggest ventilation factory in the world with over 10 000 product and have sold over 50 million units around the world! This gives us the best product prices on the market with a huge collection of product from a long experience manufacture developer.

Support, for your first installation we train you and show you how to install. We will always back you up and support you for your product or installation questions. You join a network that have over 80 years’ experience with ventilation from Europe and other parts of the world to assure you get the correct and best product for your ventilation work.

What do we expect from you

That you have an interested in ventilation and can give your customer a good service.
That you are able to install and service the product in your area.

How will you make money,

You will get discount from our products.
You set your own installation price and handle this yourself.
From Service work.

If you feel this is something for you or your company contact us today!

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