Detached and terraced houses

In principle, detached and terraced houses always have separate ventilation systems.
The size of the AHU depends on the size of the house; if it’s an extremely large house a GOLD unit is needed, but a CASA is most often enough. In either case EC motors and Swegons rotary heat exchangers are used, this ensures optimal energy efficiency and recovery. The whole system, from filter to ducts, is built in such a way that optimal energy efficiency is made sure.
Outdoor air and extract air
The most common solution is that outside air is taken via the facade, and extracted out through the roof. It can also extracted through walls though.
Cooker hoods
Installation and investment will be lower if the ventilation units extract air fan is also used for the cooker hood’s airflow. Another solution is to connect the cooker hood to the roof fan, or that the cooker hood has its own exhaust fan.
Local restrictions may prevent leading the cooker hoods exhaust air through the unit.
No specific actions are normally needed in detached and terraced houses.
villa bathroommounting separate roof fan 1

Image showcasing the solution

Swegon Casa

The optimal AHU for most detached and terraced houses

Swegons CASA is a compact air handling unit comprised of exactly what you need for optimal ventilation – not more, not less. There is a dussin different CASA models to ensure that there is one for all sizes of residential buildings. Key notes are as following:
  • Rotary heat exchanger (recovers up to 86% of the cooling/heating)
  • Demand controlled humidity
  • Smart control system for individual control
  • EC motors (Energy effective)
  • Cooker hood (ensures balanced ventilation)
  • External cooling coil
  • Can be connected to automated buildings using building management systems (I/O / ModBus)
Shortly explained, Swegon’s CASA is optimal for both indoor air quality, comfort, energy usage and it’s easy to integrate with modern automated buildings.

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