Electrostatic Filters – The new generation of filters


An electrostatic filter with active plates is one of the big reasons why VentPro can promise fresh air in a sustainable manner. The electrostatic filter (electronic filter) is made out of active aluminum plates that are electrostatically charged. This ensures the building fresh and purified air since it separates the polluting substances with the actual fresh air. It does this by charging the filter with the opposing electronic voltages of the undesired substances and thus it creates a sufficiently intense electric field to capture them. 


Since these filters are charged electronically they don’t ever have to be interchanged, we instead only have to wash them in certain environmentally friendly detergent for aluminium once they have accumilated enough particulates. Another advantage is that it’s effective in filtrating particles, fibers and biological substances to the smallest diameter (<1 microns), and that unwanted substances don’t affect the filter’s efficiency as it’s always regenerated. On top of this, the power consumption is about 4.7 w per 1000 m3 of air, which means that it will save a lot of energy compared to traditional pleat och bag filters. 


This is the new and modern way of filters since it holds a lot of benefits that the traditional filters can’t even come close to. You notice this when you for example see that it’s cheaper in the long term since we don’t have to change them 2-3 times a year and the pressure is lessened due to substantially thinner filters. These two reasons also lead the filters to be a lot more environmentally friendly due to all of the waste being removed and the thinner filters allowance for less energy usage.

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