Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Humidity & Odour sensor (Fresh Intellivent ICE)

Intellivent ICE bathroom fan: A completely ground-breaking, one-of-a-kind, smarter and more powerful fan  than anything that has come before.

Intelligent ventilation: 

With a unique odour sensor, unrivalled extraction capacity, and advanced moisture control, Intellivent ICE is optimised to produce a fresh and comfortable bathroom climate.

  •  Unique air quality sensor
  •  Intelligent and self-adjusting humidity control
  •  Superior pressure performance
  •  Fine tuning with touch panel or app connectivity
  •  Light sensor for timer start
  • 5 year Guarantee


Intelligent ventilation
With a unique odor sensor, un-rivalled extraction capacity, and advanced moisture control, Intellivent ICE is optimized to produce a fresh and comfortable bathroom climate.

Air quality sensor
Intellivent ICE is the only bathroom fan in the world equipped with an air quality sensor that is able to detect strong odors. When the sensor detects a strong odoor, the fan speed increases and quickly neutralizes the odoor to ensure the air always feels fresh.

Superior pressure performance
The fan is completely un-rivalled when it comes to extraction capacity, which means it can cope with long ducts and bends without compromising ventilation.

Self-adjusting humidity control
Intellivent ICE has a fully automatic humidity control, which means it activates automatically when it detects an elevated moisture level.
When the moisture in the room increases, the fan increases its airflow to ensure that the climate in the bathroom remains comfortable.

Extremely quiet
Although Intellivent ICE is equipped with a new, significantly more powerful motor than all its predecessors, the fan is almost silent.

Another one of Intellivent ICE smart features is its light sensor. The fan recognizes when you enter a room and activates.
This means that, together with the aeration program that starts after the fan has been idle for 26 hours, the fan is fully autonomous.
The fan is therefore ideal for any areas subjected to moisture and odors. Perfect for bathrooms, basements, or summerhouses.

An intuitive and unique touchscreen activates when you touch the On/Off button. The fan’s most important functions can be controlled from here.
When you are finished, the screen dims and becomes virtually invisible again. And the fan can be restored to the default factory settings through the simple push of a button.

Fine-tuning via the App
With our Fresh Ventilation Bluetooth app, you can customize multiple functions according to your particular conditions.
This is highly practical if the fan is mounted in the ceiling and the touchscreen is hard to reach.

Simple installation
Thanks to its practical design and cable quick-connectors, Intellivent ICE is easy to both mount and install.
When you want to clean the fan, the impeller can be easily removed with one hand. The fan is certified for both ceiling and wall installation.

Developed, designed and manufactured in Sweden
Intellivent ICE is the bathroom fan of the future, and it is the product of expert craftsmanship,
past experience, accuracy and precision. Swedish-made quality with technology and design in perfect harmony.

Design front
The design front is easily placed on the fan with magnetic attachment.


Maximum airflow – 140 m³/h *110m3/h (* With front)

Min sound pressure level – 19 dB(A) 3m

Max pressure – 57 Pa *45 Pa

Power consumption – 2–5 W

Spigot depth – 29 mm

Hole size – 105–130 mm

Material – ABS

Protection rating – IP44

Voltage – 100 – 240 V AC

Frequency – 50 – 60 Hz

Installation – Wall or ceiling

5 year Guarantee


Folder_ICE.pdf (707.1 kB)

Intellivent ICE_quickguide.pdf (330 kB)

Manual_008751_ICE.pdf (3.7 MB)



Product Movie

Installation Movie

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