CASA R4-C Genius

Residential ventilation unit for ceiling mounting

Residential air handling unit (1050 x 700 x 296 mm, Ø160 mm) with rotary heat exchanger for houses, small offices etc. Flat design and compact size enables various mounting options, also ideal for ceiling mounting as height under 30 cm. The market’s most intelligent humidity control as standard.

  • Ecodesign energy class A* | 39 dB
  • Air flow range 20-92 l/s | 72-331 m³/h
  • Temperature efficiency up to 82 % (EN 13141-7)
  • Rotary heat exchanger
  • Demand-controlled humidity function as standard
  • Continuous control of the supply air temperature
  • External coils for cooling & heating as an option
  • Control with touch panel, mobile app or kitchen
  • Can be connected to the automated building
    management system (I/O / Modbus)
  • For ceiling installation, embedded in the suspended
    ceiling. Can also be installed on the wall.
  • CASA Genius control system

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