ERV Vents VUE 250 P3 air handling unit with Energy recovery

Energy Recovery Ventilators are the complete whole house ventilation system designed to bring a continuous supply of fresh air into the house while exhausting an equal amount of stale air.

Vents VUE 250 P3 air handling unit are design for efficient supply and exhaust ventilation in flats, houses, cottages and other buildings.

Heat and humidity recovery minimizes ventilation heat losses during cold season and reduce air conditioner load during hot season.Controllable air exchange ensures the best suitable indoor microclimate.

Efficient supply air filtration with two built-in G4 and F8 panel filters.

Energy recovery air handling unit in heat- and sound-insulated casing with max. air capacity 370 m³/h and energy /heat recovery efficiency 76 %.

Suitable for buildings up to 150m²

Order item, 6-8 weeks



  • The VUE P3 air handling units are the fully featured ventilation units with heat recovery for air filtration, fresh air supply and removal of used air.
  • The heat contained in the extract air is recuperated in the high-efficient plate heat exchanger to warm up supply air.
  • Designed for application in various ventilation systems that require cost-saving and controllable ventilation.
  • All the models are compatible with round Ø 100 or 150 mm round air ducts.
  • Single-phase external rotor motors with radial impellers and forward curved blades.
  • The motors have overheating protection with automatic restart.
  • The casing is made of polymer coated steel panels, internally lined with 5 or 10 mm heat- and sound-insulating layer of cellular polyurethane, depending on modification.
  • Plate enthalpy cross-flow heat exchanger made of polymerized cellulose with recovery efficiency to 76 %.
  • The enthalpy heat exchanger enables not only heat, but also humidity recovery, thus maintaining stable indoor humidity.
  • In the summer period the intake air is cooled down in the heat exchanger and dehumidified and in the winter period it is warmed up and humidified.
  • Water vapour from the humid extract air is condensed and absorbed by the heat exchanger plates.
  • The recovered humidity and heat are transferred to the supply air flow.
  • The air streams are fully separated within the heat exchanger and the microbes and smells are isolated.
  • Efficient supply air filtration with two built-in G4 and F8 panel filters.
  • Extract air filtration with a panel G4 filter.
  • The unit is equipped with a built-in control system, the speed controller A1, the power cable with the safety plug Euro Plug XP and the control panel A12.
  • The service side of the unit has a removable inspection door with hand screws for cleaning or replacement of the filters and the heat exchanger.
  • The control unit is located inside of the unit casing.
  • The power cable and the ground cable are connected to the control unit via the cable glands on the unit side wall.
  • Due to low height of the casing the unit offers the optimum solution for the suspended ceiling installation in limited installation space.
  • The installation place must provide sufficient service access to the unit.


Parameter VUE 250 P3 Measurement unit
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Phase 1 ˜
Voltage 230 V
Power 250 W
Current 1.1 A
Maximum air capacity 370 m³/h
RPM 2400 min-1
Sound pressure level at 3 m distance 52 dB(А)
Transported air temperature -25…+40 °С
Casing material polymer coated steel
Insulation 5 mm, 10 mm polyurethane foam
Filter: extract G4
PM 2.5 filtration efficiency 83 %
Filter: supply G4, F8
Connected air duct diameter 150 mm
Heat recovery efficiency Heat recovery efficiency is calculated in compliance with EN 13141-7 66…76 %
Humidity recovery efficiency 22…32 %
Heat exchanger type cross-flow
Heat exchanger material polymerized cellulose
Weight 29 kg
SEC Class E
VUE 250 P3
Parameter Value Measurement unit
∅D 150 mm
A 854 mm
B 704 mm
H 227 mm




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