Flimmerfilter PM2.5 – TL98D


There are different filter options for your Fresh passive inlet. Extra efficiently is our flimmer filter, fits the model TL98D. It filters out nearly 100% of all pollen particles and has a durability.
Keep in mind that flimmer and pollen filters can not be cleaned, they need to be replaced if necessary.

Used with Fresh Wall Inlet TL98D

Equivalent filter class EU8, F7
Dimensions: Ø94 x 101 mm


There are several advantages:

• Separation along the fibres
• Low and constant pressure fall during the whole time of use
• Long durability, 1-2 yrs between filter changes
• High collecting efficiency on all types of particles and sizes
• The filter as whole is adjusted to the environment = inflammable (contains only polypropylene).


Flimmerfilter – the smart filter that cleans out the root of the problem.

Unfortunately, the air that comes into our homes is not always “fresh”. Our homes are bombarded by traffic fumes, industrial emissions, impure air from neighbouring buildings, particles, pollen, bacteria and viruses. In many cases, the air needs to be filtered before it enters into the home’s ventilation system.

The Flimmerfilter is a Swedish, universal patent filter, which is designed to provide a very high separation capacity on particles of all sizes and types. The Flimmerfilter is the first threedimensional filter where separation is performed along the length of the fibres as opposed to conventional filters which essentially function like strainers, filtering the air through a barrier material. The Flimmerfilter has a very high separation capacity and effectively tackles particle problems in most homes.

The Flimmerfilter is a mechanical filter with an electrical charge that attracts air particles to the filter’s fibre threads. The statically charged fibres take out all kinds of particles, regardless of whether their charge is positive, negative or neutral. The Flimmer fibres have an electrically charged doublelayer that is fitted just under the surface of the filter, creating a very strong adhesive force. And because filtration is performed along the length of the filter, there is no risk of it clogging up like most conventional bag or barrier filters do – not even in the most contaminated of outdoor environments. Its design also gives you superb operating durability, and up to 2 years between filter changes (the exact replacement interval depends on the outdoor environment) and a low, almost constant pressure fall for the duration of service life. The Flimmerfilter is also 100% environmentally adapted, inflammable and thanks to the static electricity the dust adhesion is so high that filter changing is a completely dust-free process.




Flimmer filter installed in Beijing China and Japan.

Flimmer filter test Beijing and Japan