Fresh Grille Tyfon Weatherproof Grey


Fresh Typhoon, weather-protecting air intake.
Unique solution that dampens wind and effectively protects against water penetration.

  •  For sites exposed to weather
  •  UV-resistant plastic, ASA
  •  Very effective weather protection


Weatherproof air intake designed for mounting on exterior facade. With its unique design, it effectively prevents rain water from penetrating and considerably dampens the impact of wind. Typhoon also provides some protection against external noise as it hides the opening in the facade.

Through snap fastener, can be fit directly to all Fresh adapters for lead-throughs Ø98/102 and Ø81/85 mm. Adapter Ø95 also fits. Insect net #150 can also be used if needed. This is positioned between the adapter and the wall plate.

Typhoon is easy to install and has a very strong construction that prevents the cover from coming lose. The entire Typhoon is attached to the wall using four screws which secure both the cover and the mounting plate. This provides unmatched stability.

Typhoon consists of a wall plate (1) with drip ring (2), cover (3) and four plugs (4) to cover the screw holes.

The wall plate also has a gasket to ensure tight fitting.

In combination with most vents, can handle 8 l/s at 10 Pa


  • Width (mm)
  • Depth (mm)
  • Height (mm)
  • Plastic material detail
    ASA (PC/ABS)


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