Air handling unit with rotary heat exchanger
The most energy-efficient air handling unit on the market with its unique, comprehensive and intuitive control system.

GOLD RX is a complete air handling unit with rotary heat exchanger, direct-driven supply air and extract air fans as well as supply air and extract air filters.

  • Temperature efficiency, heat exchanger up to 85%
  • Air flows up to 50.400 m³/h
  • Variable speed control for rotary heat exchanger
  • Recovers heat energy and cooling energy
  • Optimised fan sizes give greater freedom to choose exactly the right size of air handling unit and fan variants to suit the needs of the installation. This also gives even greater possibilities to optimise the energy efficiency of the current project

Rotary heat exchanger RECOnomic / RECOsorptic

A rotary heat exchanger consists of an aluminium wheel with numerous small air passages. Energy is transferred between the supply air and extract air or vice versa when the wheel rotates. This is the most energy efficient heat recovery method with a temperature efficiency that always exceeds 80%. Thanks to a patented design with a turbulent flow in the air passages, RECOnomic attains a uniquely high degree of energy efficiency.

Swegon’s rotary heat exchanger is also available in an sorption version (RECOsorptic), which increases the energy efficiency further through the product dehumidifying or recovering moisture depending on the conditions and needs.

Full control over air quality
On account of the unique combination of purging sector and Carry-Over Control functionality, the risk of leakage between the extract air and supply air is minimised, which ensures the building is always ventilated with fresh air.

GOLD RX/HC – integrated cooling and heating
The new generation of GOLD introduces many new opportunities. One major addition is GOLD RX/HC, a plug-and-play solution for integrated cooling and heating production. Thanks to an integrated reversible heat pump it is now easier than ever to create a comprehensive ventilation system. Incredibly easy to plan, install and commission. Furthermore, all functions are easily accessible via GOLD’s user interface.



Simple & smart – IQlogic

A smart system also has to be easy for the user. The IQlogic control system with its award-winning user interface and convenient IQnavigator hand-held terminal makes it easy for you to unlock the full potential of GOLD. Naturally, GOLD is readied for online connection and communication with the main control system. Thanks to our built-in WiFi, you can connect with the unit’s control functions via your smartphone or other mobile device.

Web demo IQlogic

This feature allows you to test the control system in the GOLD unit from your internet browser.

To log in, use the following credentials:
User name: local or installation
Password: 0000 for local, 1111 for installation

Go to Online Demo Click Here….

Discover the L-concept

Renovation projects often involve the replacement of old air handling units in small plant rooms.  To meet today’s demands for energy efficiency and to comply with the ErP Energy directive, a physically larger air handling unit is required, but it is seldom possible to change the size of the plant room.

This is where the new GOLD Top range comes in, as it is designed to meet energy efficiency requirements without the need to change the size of the plant room. The new L -concept allows the unit to be connected vertically and horizontally. This means that larger units can be installed and maximum utilisation of space inside the plant room is ensured.

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