Vents grille MVMO 125 BV1s



  • Decoration of exhaust vents of public, residential and industrial ventilation systems.
  • For ventilation, air conditioning and heating.
  • Used for correct air flow distribution in premises.
  • Internal or external wall and ceiling mounting.


  • Made of steel, galvanized steel or aluminium and are suitable for colourful polymer painting.
  • Edge-raised grille design.
  • Quality materials and zinc-phosphate treatment ensure coating integrity and provide reliable corrosion protection.
  • Modifications with a protecting insect screen.


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Parameter MVMO 125 bV1s Zn Measurement unit
Air pass 0.0083
Form Rund
Form round
Connection diameter 125 mm
Material galvanized steel


Parameter Value Measurement unit
D 124 mm
D1 154.5 mm
L 48 mm

VENTS MVMO 125 bV1s Zn

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Product Description

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