Supply air ramp with Hepa-filter for operating theatres

OPL is a supply air ramp with five perforated air diffuser sections and two Hepa-filters. The ramps are installed in pairs in the ceiling and are specially designed for ventilating operating theatres. The positioning of the panels in relation to each other and the different directions of air from the diffuser sections ensures a clean zone of filtered air together with low air velocities in the area around the patient. It is used with constant air flow and a constant under-temperature, operating without induction of contaminated room air.

  • Specially adapted air flows for operating theatres
  • Suitable for general surgery
  • Pressure socket for filter monitor
  • Easy access to filters
  • Cleanable
  • Equipped with Hepa-filter H14
  • Standard colour White RAL 9003
    • 5 alternative standard colours
    • Other colours upon request


Technical specifications


OPLVelocity through filter
Size0.45 m/s
3500 (x 2)q (l/s)650
q (m3/h)2340
p (Pa)110
Lp (dB(A))35

This data is valid for a complete installation with two ramps.

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