Chilled Beam – PARASOL Zenith

Our CAV product can be equipped with the LUNAd controller for controlling the water. Can also be integrated into the WISE system as a constant flow module with control of water valves.

High performance 4-way distribution comfort module with cooling, heating and ventilation

Integrated comfort module

  • High performance 4-way distribution comfort module
    with cooling, heating and ventilation
  • Large span between the lowest and highest air flow
  • Few variants for easier sizing and variable air flow
  • Optimised for low energy consumption
  • Manages high air flow at low driving pressure
  • Easy installation on account of low weight, compact
    dimensions and optional air connections on short or
    long sides
  • Stylish design with optional perforation pattern
  • Hygiene design as an option for hospital applications
  • Quick bracket for time saving installation
  • Can be integrated in the WISE-system
  • Upgradable from CAV to VAV


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Technical specifications

VariantSupply airPerformance
SizeAir connection:Pa*l/sm3/hTotal cooling capacity (W)**Sound level (dB(A))
600Ø 12575207249326
600Ø 12575259056428
600Ø 125753010863130
600Ø 16075259056627
600Ø 160753512669730
600Ø 160754516280933
1200Ø 12575259088226
1200Ø 1257535126107728
1200Ø 1257545162121830
1200Ø 160753010890023
1200Ø 1607560216137528
1200Ø 1607580288159134
1800Ø 2007560216159030
1800Ø 2007580288189033
1800Ø 20075100360213535

* Total pressure duct (Pa)
** Air: ΔTl=7K / Water: ΔTmk=8.5K, twater=14/17°C

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