Smart control technology

Controlling of Smart ventilation units
Select the required control method or combine several: Smart control panelSmart Accesscooker hood or Modbus for building automation.

Basic functions

You can switch as required to an appropriate operating mode or let the pre-programmed weekly clock switch operating mode according to the diurnal rhythm you want.
Boosted air flow
A large air flow is used when the ventilation requirement increases, e.g. for cooking, taking a sauna, showering or drying laundry.
Normal air flow. Guarantees that there is sufficient fresh indoor air in the home, and that the building construction is at its best.
Low air flow. Reduces energy consumption when the ventilation requirement in the home is small.
Very low air flow and lower supply air temperature. Used when no one is present in the home.

Compensation functions

Compensates ventilation flows in the home in order to facilitate for the inhabitants.

Cooker hood function
Balances the ventilation when a cooker hood is used. Helps to prevent excessive negative pressure and improves fume extraction capability of the cooker hood.

Central vacuum cleaner function
Balances the ventilation when a central vacuum cleaner is used. Helps to prevent excessive negative pressure and improves the cleaning result.

Automatic functions (options)

Intelligent ventilation is capable of identifying residents’ needs. The Smart System measures the indoor air quality and knows exactly how much ventilation is required in diff erent situations.

Intelligent humidity automation (RH) as standard
The market’s most advanced moisture automation is now standard in all new Swegon CASA ventilation units. While traditional humidity sensors only switch the ventilation to boosted ventilation, the Smart Automation continuously analyses the indoor air and regulates the ventilation in accordance with the actual humidity variations.

Automatic Home/Away/Boost system (CO2)
Automatically lowers the ventilation to Away mode and saves energy when the home is empty. When the residents are at home, the ventilation is automatically increased to bring exactly the right amount of fresh air into the home.

Air Quality Automation (VOC)
Increases the ventilation if too much pollution is detected in the indoor air, such as odours or vapours (evaporating organic compounds).

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