Vents Grille MV 100s ASA


Benefits of ASA plastic products

  • High mechanical toughness and UV-resistance.
  • Heat-ageing resistance. The colours remain bright and clear even after many years of weather exposure.
  • High heat and frost resistance means no deformation and no cracks during outer temperature and humidity drops.
  • Resistant to sulphuric acid, alkali, ammonia, diesel fuel and engine oil, ethanol and ethylene glycol.
  • With Insect Screen
  • Air pass – 0.004 m2
  • Decoration of supply and exhaust vents of public, residential and industrial ventilation systems.
  • Used for correct air flow distribution in premises.
  • For wall or ceiling mounting.
  • Made of quality and durable plastic.
  • Multi-element structure. The internal part is fixed to the base with latches for easy cleaning without dismantling.
  • Screw fixing.
  • The grille has slanted vanes.

White colour (brown and beige can be ordered for project MOQ 100 pce)


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