Inline centrifugal fan

Centrifugal fans with the air capacity up to 15000 m³/h for rectangular ducts.

Sizes and capacities: 

  • VENTS VKP 2E 400*200 : Inline centrifugal fan. Maximum capacity – 930 m3/h.
  • VENTS VKP 2E 500*250 : Inline centrifugal fan. Maximum capacity – 1720 m3/h.
  • VENTS VKP 4E 500*300 : Inline centrifugal fan. Maximum capacity – 1700 m3/h.
  • VENTS VKP 4D 500*30 : Inline centrifugal fan. Maximum capacity – 1620 m3/h.
  • VENTS VKP 4E 600*300 : Inline centrifugal fan. Maximum capacity – 2470 m3/h.
  • VENTS VKP 4D 600*300 : Inline centrifugal fan. Maximum capacity – 2630 m3/h.
  • VENTS VKP 4E 600*350 : Inline centrifugal fan. Maximum capacity – 3515 m3/h.
  • VENTS VKP 4D 600*350 (Δ) : Maximum capacity – 3410 m3/h. Δ – delta connection.
  • VENTS VKP 4D 1000*500 : Inline centrifugal fan. Maximum capacity – 15000 m3/h.


  • Supply and exhaust ventilation systems for commercial, office and other public or industrial premises with a limited mounting space.
  • For connection with 400*200,500*250,500*300, 600*300,600*350, 1000*500 mm the rectangular ducts.
  • Fan casing is made of galvanized steel.
  • Impellers with backward-curved impeller blades made of galvanized steel are powered by means of the 2- or 4-pole asynchronous motors with external rotor.
  • Motors are supplied with incorporated overheating protection with automatic restart or the thermal protection terminals leaded outside for connection to the external protection devices depending on the model, see the wiring diagram motor is equipped with ball bearings for long service life.
  • For precise features, safe operation and low noise, each impeller is dynamically balanced while assembly.
  • Motor protection rating IP 44.
  • Both smooth or step speed control is performed with the thyristor or autotransformer controller.
  • Several fans can be connected to one controller in case the total power and operating current do not exceed the controller rated values.
  • The fans are mounted into the rectangular ducts and require no special fixing in case of direct connection.
  • In case of connection through the flexible connectors the fan is fixed to a building by means of supports, suspension brackets or fixation brackets.
  • Fans can be mounted in any position with respect to the airflow direction (indicated with an arrow on the casing).
  • Access for the fan maintenance shall be provided.
  • The fan is powered through the external terminals.
  • The casing is equipped with the removable access cover for maintenance purposes.

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