VKM 400 AC

Inline centrifugal fans in steel casing with air flow up to 3500 m³/h.
  • AC Motor
  • Speed-controllable
  • Backward-curved blades


  • Supply and exhaust ventilation systems for commercial, office and other public or industrial premises.
  • The steel casing provides reliable operation in case of outdoor installation.
  • For premises with high requirements to the noise level we suggest units in low-noise modification (VKM…Q).
  • The fan casing is made of steel with polymeric coating.
  • For easy connection and operation the power cord with a plug can be provided (VKM…R).
  • The impeller with backward curved blades is powered by the single phase motor with external rotor and overheating protection with automatic restart.
  • Some standard sizes are available is high-powered modifications (VKMS).
  •  The VKM…E models are equipped with energy-efficient motor with low energy demand.
  • The motor is equipped with ball bearings for long service life designed for at least 40 000 hours.
  • For precise features, safe operation and low noise, each turbine is dynamically balanced while assembly.
  • Motor protection rating IP 44.
  • Smooth or step speed control with a thyristor or autotransformer speed controller.
  • Several fans may be connected to one speed controller provided that the total power and operating current do not exceed the rated speed controller parameters.
  • The VKM…P models are equipped with a built-in speed controller (available for diameters 100…315).
  • Mounting to wall or ceiling at any angle is performed with fastening brackets supplied with the unit.
  • The fan is powered through the external terminal box.
  • Electric connection and installation shall be performed in compliance with the manual and wiring diagram on the terminal box.
  • The ideal solution for ventilation of the premises requiring permanent temperature control, i.e. greenhouses.
  • The fan with the electronic temperature and speed control module provides automatic control of the motor speed (air capacity) depending on air temperature in the air duct or in the room.
  • The front panel of the electronic module has the following control knobs:
    • speed control knob for setting the motor speed;
    • thermostat control knob for setting the temperature set point;
    • thermostat indicator light.
  • VKM…Un – the model with an external temperature sensor fixed on a 4 m cable (Un / U1n option).
  • The temperature sensor has mechanical protection.


Parameter VKM 400
50 Hz
VKM 400
60 Hz
Measurement unit
Phase 1 ˜
Voltage 230 V
Frequency 50 60 Hz
Sound pressure level at 3 m distance 61 64 dBА
Power consumption 460 673 W
Maximum air capacity 3090 3500 m³/h
Current 2.23 3.05 A
RPM 1370 1585 min-1
Max. transported air temperature -40 +80 -40 +55 °С
Protection rating IP X4
Duct diameter 400 mm
Design centrifugal
Weight 25.1 kg
Casing material polymer coated steel
Duct for round air ducts
Type supply and exhaust
Mounting Inline

Additional characteristics

Sound-power level LpA, 3 m dBA LpA, 1 m dBA
Gen. Octave-frequency band [Hz]
Hz 63 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 8000
LwA to inlet dBA 97 59 84 82 86 92 93 88 78 77 87
LwA to outlet dBA 96 61 75 85 82 90 94 86 78 76 86
LwA to environment dBA 81 35 57 66 75 77 77 66 58 61 71


Parameter Value Measurement unit
∅D 398 mm
B1 634 mm
ØD1 570 mm
B 663 mm
L 570 mm
L1 60 mm
L2 60 mm
L3 70 mm

14 schema Inline centrifugal fans in steel casing with air flow up to 3500 m³/h. AC Motor Speed-controllable Backward-curved blades

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