Waterborne air coolers – CASA SDCW

Duct coil for cooling the supply air

Duct coils for installation in the supply air duct, for cooling the supply air. The lowest coil height is only 255 mm, which permits installation in a suspended ceiling. Swegon CASA Smart control technology for ventilation units aims to regulate indoor air according to the settings. The control mode and the settings can be changed from a CASA Smart control panel. Meets the demands for leakage class C.

The delivery includes:

  • Duct coil for cooling
  • SET connection module
  • Actuators and valves
  • Requisite sensors
  • Instructions
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Technical specifications

Code Duct R3 R5 R5-H R7 R7-H R9 R9-H R15 R15-H
SDCW160 160
SDCW200 200
SDCW250F 250
SDCW315 315