Chilled Beam – WISE Paragon Wall

Comfort modules for Swegon’s WISE System for demand-controlled ventilation

  • Comfort module for demand-controlled indoor climate, integrated in Swegon’s control platform WISE
  • Designed for installation in the rear edge of the room and ideally is positioned above the adjacent corridor’s suspended ceiling
  • Complete product with integrated damper for variable air flow control 0-100%
  • Energy-efficient operation since the room is ventilated, heated and cooled exactly as called for by the load, neither more nor less
  • Highest possible comfort with provision for individual control on a product or room level
  • Straightforward installation and connection to the WISE system
  • Large working range in one and the same product simplifies planning

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Technical specifications

Air flow range:Pressure range:Cooling capacity total:Heating capacity:
l/sm3/hPaWwater (W)electricity (W)
0 -850 – 30620 – 200Up to 2682Up to 4274Up to 1000
800, 1100, 1400722286

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