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Premium air handling unit with unrivalled control features

There is a GOLD for every need

Swegon’s GOLD units are designed for comfort ventilation. To ensure superior performance, we design our own components, such as our rotary heat exchanger, fan impeller and control equipment. Commercial or retail construction? Public premises or residential properties? Whatever your segment, there’s always a model to serve you best. Our unrivalled expertise and support are naturally included, right from your planning phase and commissioning through to the first actual use of the unit in future.

120,000 installed units are proof of concept

GOLD has existed – and proved its worth – for more than two decades. To date, 120,000 GOLD units have been installed in tens of thousands of buildings across five continents.

Heat exchangers  Rotary  Counterflow  Coil  Coil  Rotary
Air flow(m3/h) Ecodesign 290-46940  290-11520  1800-45600  290-45980  1620-29920
Air flow (m3/s) Ecodesign 0.08-13  0.08-3.2  0.5-12.7  0.08-12.8  0.45-8.3
Control and system integration        
Outdoor installation (optional extra)        
Top connection  –  –  –
L-concept  –  –  –
Integrated reversible heat pump  –  –  –
Option of separated air flows  –  –  –    –
Customisable for hygienic design (optional extra) ●●●●  ●●●● ●●●●  ●●●●  ●●●
High level of general customisability ●●●●  ●●●●  ●●●●  ●●●●  ●●●●
Superior energy recovery ●●●●●  ●●●●  ●●●  ●●●  ●●●●●
High-level internal air tightness  ●●●  ●●●●  ●●●●  ●●●●●  ●●●


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