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Electrostatic filter eliminates airborne bacteria, yeast and mold up to 99.96%. Plug & Play filters for conventional units for vertical and horizontal mounting. The same fit as standard bag filters, which makes it easy to streamline air purification and reduce energy consumption in existing systems.

Systems and products won’t ever be the same, so we take in hand accurately any project, any single request since its beginning phases to meet the need of the customer. The approach to each project started by analysing the needed purification in yard, we try to satisfy as much as possible offering.

The range of products of Expansion Electronic includes solutions for the different sectors of life and work:


  • RESIDENTIAL SOLUTIONS: special technologies developed to eliminate all fine particles (PM2.5 PM1 and PM0.1) pollen, mold, bacteria, viruses and other indoor pollutants that compromise the well-being of closed ambient, air quality and the health of each person;
  • FOOD SOLUTIONS; the food industry requires very high standards controlled by regulation which must be observed and assured in all the food and packaging processes. In this sense our technologies have also become a benchmark for certification bodies;
  • AIR TREATMENT SOLUTIONS: in air-conditioning, heating or heat-recovery systems we solve the problems connected with the fan heater and air distribution ducts, guaranteeing an elevated reduction of bacterial charge. Compared with traditional filtration systems, we assure considerable energy saving and, therefore, significant costs reductions, including maintenance, thanks to the low pressure drop;
  • SANITATION SOLUTIONS: they are systems designed for those environments populated by fine and ultra-fine particles, odors, smokes, bacteria, mold and viruses. These environments can be very wide and therefore crowded such as: hospitals, waiting rooms, subway stations, airports, cinemas and casinos;
  • INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS: systems designed to solve the pollution derived from welding fumes, oil mist, fumes molding of rubber and plastic products;
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