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Large selection of air diffusers for airborne climate systems

The air diffusers supply the premises with a fresh indoor climate. Ideally, you should not even notice that they are there. Swegon’s air diffusers are silent, draught-free and designed to blend in with the surroundings.


A first-rate indoor climate is needed in order to be comfortable and feel good. Quiet, without draught and with an appearance that blends into its surroundings is precisely what our air diffusers do.

There are many factors that determine which air diffuser is right, but our extensive range makes it easy to meet governing requirements. After exacting quality tests our air diffusers are developed to minimise both draughts and sound while offering high flexibility to satisfy the current need. With unique designs, it is easier then even to modify the distribution pattern and design when the surroundings change.

Swegon has air diffusers for many applications and environments and you can always count on:

– High comfort, quiet and draught-free!

– Easy to adapt to the activities conducted in the premises

– Attractive design that suits different environments

– High flexibility during installation and placement

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