ERV School Ventilation

The Benefits

Fresh and clean airflow is fundamental to each and everyone of our ERV ventilation solutions. We’re able to filter the supplied air up to 99.6% in an energy efficient way; ensuring optimal indoor air quality with low maintenance cost. 

Our active chilled beams office ventilation solution acts as complete air conditioners and the AHU recovers up to 86% off the energy used to cool down the office, as well as dehumidifying the supplied air to 50%. 

The entire solution is tailor made for the specific school in question, thus we ensure optimal indoor air quality. This has a direct influence on students productivity and both the students and buildings health; making the school more effective and revonvations less frequent.  

It’s an easy and intuitive experience to control the systems to ones own needs and desires, and with our waterborne solution, complete air conditioning is provided.

We offer free service the first year as well as 2-5 years product guarantee.

Optimal Solutions

The aim of a system designed for schools is to create the optimal indoor air quality and climate with lowest possible energy usage and highest possible energy recovery. 

When this is created, you as a client will feel confident in regards to both the health as well as the financial investment and the operating system as such. For this, we have two main solutions.

ERV with Active Chilled Beams

The fresh and air conditioned air is supplied through a 4-way air discharged active chilled beam, ensuring fresh and air conditioned air for everyone present in the room. The active chilled beams ventilation solution acts as a replacement to air conditioner for offices. 

It’s possible to completely automize this system with our demand control solution. It also has VAV (variable air volume) and CAV (constant air volume as options. Demand control is a larger investment, but it’s the most energy efficient and comfortable solution. 

The ERV is the heart of the system. Our ERVs are made up out of the highest quality products such as EC motors and highly efficient rotary heat exchanger. Both of these products, and the whole solution, makes sure that you use the least amount of energy to get the exact indoor air climate you need for a healthy, productive and comfortable office environment. 


  • Ventilation, cooling and heating in one system 
  • Individual climate regulation 
  • Smaller duct dimensions 
  • High cooling and heating capacities
  • Maximum thermal comfort 
  • Low LCC
  • Highly energy efficient

ERV Ventilation for Schools

The airborne solution is a tailor made energy recovery ventilation solution composed of the highest quality products. Just like with the ‘Waterborne solution’, there is the option of automized demand control, VAV and CAV.

With the use of Swegon’s sorption treated heat exchanger, the Gold ERV de-humidifies the supplied air up to 50% and recovers the energy used for cooling up to 86%. This, in combination with carefully chosen products, makes the entire ventilation system the most energy smart and sustainable solution on the market. 

The system is perfectly compatible with a VRF system, and when a cooling coil is used it doesn’t only dehumidify the supplied air, but also keeps the compressor switched on; reducing the energy costs even more. 


  • Best air quality (especially with the use of our electrostatic filters
  • Requires less space 
  • Demand/automated control 
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Low LCC 

Why Ventpro?

Our team at Ventpro have been a part of thousands office ventilation projects the past 50 years. During this time gathered the experience and knowledge needed to create sufficient ventilation and airflow solutions in all types of houses and environments. 

Thanks to our experience in Sweden we secured the highest quality partners and can because of this offer and create the highest quality solutions. Our main partner, Swegon, is the leading ventilation solution provider in Scandinavia and are active all over the world (E.g: North America and India). 


Why Ventilate the School?

As modern buildings are built in an airtight way, mechanical ventilation plays a vital role in today’s day and age. Why? We need a certain amount of fresh air to be healthy.

In terms of schools it also plays the vital role of helping the students to be at their maximum productivity. It’s simple: if we care about the students experience and grades, we keep the school freshly ventilated. There are multiple studies showing this, here is one done by Harvard University in the USA.

A effective and qualitative ventilation system has also shown to reduce the spreading of airborne viruses such as Covid 19; leading the students to fall sick less often. Learn more here.

A Ventpro customer also gets the privilege of having world-class energy and humidity recovery as Swegon’s AHUs recovers up to 86% of the energy used for cooling, and up to 50% of the humidity. All of our products and the entire solution is also made in an energy efficient way, ensuring you the maximum result out of every penny and an incredibly low LCC. 

Support All The Way

If you have trouble choosing or understanding which solution fits your specific case the best, contact us! We support you all the way. 

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