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Micra 100 ERV is a single-room energy-efficient supply and exhaust unit intended for decentralized ventilation of residential and commercial spaces (ex offices) as well as apartments and houses.

This air handling unit is ideally suited for creating simple yet highly efficient ventilation systems in newly erected and renovated spaces without requiring ducting installation.

Maximum capacity – 100 m3/h.

Suitable for buildings up to 100m²

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  • Efficient solution for supply and exhaust ventilation of enclosed spaces.
  • Electric pre-heater or post-heater variant available for cold climate conditions.
  • Heat exchanger with an enthalpy membrane variant available for humid and hot climate conditions.
  • Low-energy ЕС fans.
  • Excellent noise control (25-38 dBA).
  • Supply air purification ensured by two built-in G4 and F8 filters (optional H13).
  • Upgradeable with an exhaust duct to provide air extraction from the bathroom.
  • Easy installation.
  • Compact size.
  • Modern design.
  • Polymer coated metal casing decorated with an acrylic front panel.
  • Thanks to the modern design the unit can seamlessly blend with most any interior design.
  • Heat and sound insulation is ensured by a layer of 10 mm cellular synthetic rubber.
  • The front panel provides convenient access for filter maintenance and has a lock for extra security.
  • The unit has two ø 100 mm inlet and outlet pipes for fresh air intake and stale air extraction outside.
  • The third ø 100 mm pipe can be additionally fitted to the unit to connect the exhaust air duct from the bathroom.
  • Supply air cleaning is provided by G4 and F8 panel filters (PM2.5 > 75 %).
  • To meet more stringent air purity requirements an F8 filter can be replaced with an H13 (PM2.5 > 95 %) (purchased separately).
  • Extract air is cleaned by a panel-type G4 filter.
  • The unit is equipped with supply and exhaust air dampers which activate automatically to prevent drafts while the unit is off.
  • The units feature efficient electronically commutated (ЕС) motors with external rotor and impellers with forward curved blades.
  • These state-of-the-art motors offer the very best in energy efficiency today.
  • EC motors are characterised with high performance and optimum control across the entire speed range.
  • In addition to that the efficiency of electronically commutated motors reaches very impressive levels of up to 90 %.
  • Micra 100 ERV units are equipped with a counter-flow heat exchanger with an enthalpy membrane.
  • Consequently, it is the ambient air heat and moisture transferred to the exhaust air stream through the enthalpy membrane in the warm season.
  • This allows for a considerable reduction of the supply air temperature and humidity which, in turn, reduces the air conditioning load.

  • Micra 100 features an exhaust air temperature sensor downstream of the heat exchanger which disables the supply fan to let the warm exhaust air raise the heat exchanger temperature.
  • Once the heat exchanger temperature has returned to normal, the supply fan is re-enabled and the unit reverts to normal operation.
  • These features ensure a continuous balanced air exchange regardless of ambient air temperature variations.
  • Control
  • The units are equipped with a control panel.
  • Remote control panels are supplied as standard.


  • Following functions are available:
Micra 100
Micra 100 E
Micra 100 E1
Speed selection + +
Filter replacement indication + +
Alarm indication + +
Speed setup + +
Timer + +
Weekly schedule + +
Post-heating enabled/disabled +
Supply air temperature setup +
  • Each space requiring proper ventilation is equipped with a single or several Micra 100 units.
  • A single unit is capable of ensuring efficient ventilation in spaces with floor area up to 100 m2.
  • Micra 100 units can be upgraded with a bathroom exhaust air duct.
  • To enable such a configuration the units can be additionally equipped with the optional ø 100 mm fitting pipe (supplied as standard).

Micra 100 deployment in a compact residential space

Micra 100 application in an office space


Speed 1 2 3
Maximum air flow [m3/h] 30 60 100
Unit voltage [V/50 (60) Hz] 1 ~ 220-240
Maximum fan power [W] 12 21 45
Sound pressure level at 3 m
distance [dBA]
13 27 39
Electric preheater power [W]
Electric reheater power [W]
Maximum unit current
(without an electric heater) [A]
Transported air temperature [°С] (-25 to +40)
Casing material Painted steel
Insulation 10 mm (foam rubber)
Heat recovery efficiency [%] 90 86 80
Heat exchanger type Counter-flow
Heat exchanger material Enthalpy
Intake filter G4, F8
Option: F8
Carbon, H13
Extract filter G4
Connected air duct diameter [mm] Ø 100
Weight [kg] 27.6
SEC class A


Name Picture Description
MK Micra 100 white Mounting kit:
Two plastic Ø 100 mm air ducts 500 mm long;
Outdoor box (white);
Cardboard template
MK Micra 100 chrome Mounting kit:
Two plastic Ø 100 mm air ducts 500 mm long;
Outdoor box made of hairline stainless steel;
Cardboard template
NB Micra 100 white Outdoor box (white)
NB Micra 100 chrome Outdoor box made of hairline stainless steel
NE Micra 100 Heater to prevent condensate freezing in the drain pipe and the outdoor box
SF 193x158x18 G4 PPI G4 filter
SF 193x158x47 F8 F8 filter
SF 193x158x47 F8 C F8 carbon filter
SF 193x158x47 H13 H13 HEPA filter
HR-S Regin HR-S humidity sensor
CO2-1 СО2 sensor with air quality indication and On/Off button
CO2-2 CO2 sensor
VL R6 366/157 Summer block


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