Bathroom Exhaust Fan Vents Silenta-S 100TH Timer-Humidity ฿1,990.00 Incl VAT
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Bathroom fan Q TH controls both with timer and humidity sensor. The bathroom fan is an efficient, energy-efficient and quiet fan for bathrooms, laundry rooms and storage rooms where moisture and odor can occur.

The humidity sensor starts (if the humidity level in the room exceeds the sensor threshold within 60-90% the fan switches automatically on and operates until the humidity level drops to the standard level, after that the fan continues operating within the set time period and shuts down).

By the timer T (the built-in run-out timer enables the fan operation within 2 to 30 minutes after the fan switching off), regardless of the humidity level.

The bathroom fan has an energy efficient engine that only consumes 7.5 W. Equipped with maintenance-free ball bearings with a service life of up to 40,000 hours in continuous operation and with a back damper that prevents air from entering when the fan is out of service. The damper can easily be removed if desired. The motor is equipped with overheat protection. The special vibration damping of the engine gives a very low noise level.

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  • Serie: Q (Quite) TH (Timer-Humidity)
  • Installation: Wall / Ceiling mounting
  • Air Capacity: Max, 97 m3/h
  • Sound: 25 dB
  • Max pressure drop: 41 Pa
  • Hole diameter: 110 mm
  • Duct Dimension: 100 mm
  • Voltage / Frequency: 220-240 / 50 Hz
  • Voltage: 240 V
  • IP Class: IP45
  • Power: 7,5 W
  • Material: UV resistant plastic
  • Timer Function: YES
  • Humidity Function: YES
  • Motion Function: NO



Parameter Value Measurement unit
∅D 99 mm
B 158 mm
H 136 mm
L 81 mm
L1 26 mm




VentPro Vents Quiet Manual ENG


VentPro Vents Quiet Manual TH


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