Here you will find explanations of our various ventilation solutions. 

Our catalogue of solutions is well-founded in an understanding that humans must be able to rely on the indoor air comfort and critical air management when inside a building. Flexible and cost effective, our system offerings can be applied to a huge variety of building types and applications.


Our homes are our castles and we need them to be a sanctuary of health, comfort and safety. Smart technology from VentPro is making our homes better than ever before.


A ventilation system tailored to office environments needs to provide a sound indoor climate, while the client benefits from a safe and reliable installation. The number of people occupying the premises can vary at different times of the day, week and year. It makes best economic sense to adapt the indoor climate as needed.


Best in class for indoor climate control! We recognise the importance of having good indoor air quality in a classroom. VentPro will help you to choose a responsible solution for the welfare of your pupils by offering a complete and flexible ventilation solution which improves indoor air quality.


The design of a hotel’s ventilation system is essential to ensure comfort of the occupants who stay there. A hotel’s rooms should be ventilated 24 hours per day, independently if they are occupied or not, It’s take away smells, prevent moister, saves furnitures, less refurbished.


A well-engineered ventilation design should provide acceptable indoor air quality for the dental professionals in the office, as well as the patients. The dental office is a high traffic, publicly accessible, commercial space, and the multiple daily interactions with our patients can introduce bacterial, viral and fungal infections into the air. All of the furniture, dental equipment, and flooring can produce harmful airborne volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The ultrasonic instruments we use, along with the constant cleaning and disinfection of contact surfaces can create bio-aerosols which contaminate the indoor air and increase the unhealthiness of the dental office.


Swegon is the supplier of choice for many healthcare providers. From operating theatres and medical laboratories, we have a range of complete solutions that ensures we can offer the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution that minimises energy usage. We understand the unique needs that a healthcare facility has and can offer a wide range of hvac and cooling systems.


We have a range of innovative products and solutions specifically designed for the retail industry


We bring innovative industrial ideas to the market, offering our client the best total cost of ownership for their industrial projects.

Facility Management

We have extensive experience supporting the FM sector with a wide portfolio of products and services. Helping you deliver hard services to sectors such as Commercial, Hotels, Data Centres, Leisure, Retail, Healthcare and Manufacturing sectors.

Developer / Project

A property development project is a complex affair, with a large number of players involved, all of whom have to collaborate in a series of sub-projects over time. VentPro is there for you in every phase of your property development project. This is why we know that both challenges and needs differ, depending on who you are and whichever phase of the project you are dealing with. Basically, we get you, we know the score, and we make it easier for you to get the job done right the first time. Because that’s the win-win for us all.


Our products are designed for ease of installation and commissioning to help reduce installation time and risk during the critical commissioning phase. Ease of maintenance is also a key factor in the design of our products and intelligent control systems help monitor performance and plan preventative maintenance.

Engineer / Architects

You’re not alone Many people have been in you shoes, wondering “What do we do about the ventilation?”. And many thousands of them have gone on to choose Swegon and Vents products. This is why there are so many testimonials recounting how technical challenges were overcome, or how the cost of actually operating the ventilation turned out to be a pleasant surprise. These testimonials testify to the fact that we deliver on our promise – and then some!

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