Classification Air Filters and Efficiency



VentPro Table Air Filter


CLASSIFICATIONArrestance or Dust Spot EfficiencyUS
European Union EN779 ClassTypical Controlled ContaminantApplication
PRE Filter (G Class)AFI <65 %MERV 1G1Am< 65%Particle bigger than 10.0µm
Spanish moss
Dust mites
Sanding dust
Spray paint dust
Textile fibers
Gross filter, domestic and commercial
AFI 65%-70%MERV 2G265%Am< 80%
AFI 70%-75%MERV 3
AFI 75%-80%MERV 4
AFI 80%-85%MERV 5G380%Am<90%Particle size within 3.0µm-10.0µm (Mold
(Spores(Hair spray(Cement dust(Snuff
(Powdered milk
Commercial, industrial, paint shop
AFI 85%-90%MERV 6
NBS 25%-30%MERV 7G490%Am
NBS 30%-35%MERV 8
MEDIUM Filter (F Class)NBS 40%-45%MERV 9F540%Em< 60%Particle Size within 1.0µm-3.0µm (Lead dust
(Milled flour(Coal dust(Auto emissions(Nebulizer drop(Welding fumes
IAQ concerned commercial & industrial, medical
NBS 50%-55%MERV 10
NBS 60%-65%MERV 11F660%Em< 80%
NBS 70%-75%MERV 12
NBS 80%-85%MERV 13F780%Em< 90%Particle size within 0.3µm-1.0µm (All bacteria
(cooking oil(Most smoke(Copier toner
(Most face powder(Most paint pigments
IAQ concerned commercial, industrial, medical, food etc
NBS 90%-95%MERV 14F890%Em< 95%
NBS>95%MERV 15F995%Em
CLASSIFICATIONMean Fractional EfficiencyIEST RP-CC001.3European Union EN1822 ClassTypical Controlled ContaminantApplication
HEPA Filter (H Class)95% at 0.3µmn/aH1085% at MPPSParticle size bigger than 0.3µm (Virus [unattached](Carbon dust
(Sea salt
(All combustion smoke(Radon progeny
All types of cleanrooms
98% at 0.3µmH1195% at MPPS
99.97% at 0.3µmTYPE A
99.99% at 0.3µmTYPE CH1299.5% at MPPS
99.995% at 0.3µmH1399.95% at MPPS
99.999% at 0.3µmTYPE DH1499.995% at MPPS
ULPA Filter (U Class)99.9995% at 0.12µmTYPE FU1599.9995% at MPPSParticle size bigger than 0.12µmsuper cleanroom
99.99995% at 0.12µmU1699.99995% at MPPS
99.999995% at 0.12µmU1799.999995% at MPPS

Note :
1. AFI : American Filter Institute
2. NBS : National Bureau of Standards
3. ASHRAE : American Society of Heating Refrigerating & Air-conditioning Engineers
4. MERV : Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value
5. MPPS : Most Penetrating Particle Size
6. HEPA : High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter
7. ULPA : Ultra Low Penetration Air Filter
8. Am : Average Arrestance Efficiency for Coarse Filters
9. Em : Average Efficiency for Fine Filters
10. IEST : Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology

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