Bathroom Exhaust Fan Fresh Intellivent-Timer-Humidity


Fully automatic humidity control that adjusts itself to the right level according to the season and that does not require adjustment. A built-in “sniff function” controls the fan for an optimal function in each individual bathroom.
It has a timer with a selectable start delay function and three extended end-of-run times in addition to an automatic airing function and the option for constant operation at an adjustable speed.

Intellivent can also work constantly, which makes with Inlet (intake air) allows you to always have constant air flow in your building.

The motor is a low-energy (only 2,1 – 5,5 W depending on speed) and the unit is fitted with double ball bearings for a long service life (life span of approx 60,000 hours. )
The low voltage motor in the fan means it works extremely quietly. Compared to conventional AC motor the Intellivent is proven to be the quietest fan on the market.

Easy to clean, simply press the snap-in catch and swing out the motor for easy cleaning the grill.

Fresh Intellivent has a number of functions and can be connected in several ways depending on which functions are required.


Bathroom Exhaust Fan Fresh Intellivent


  • Serie: Fresh Intellivent (Timer-Humidity)
  • Installation: Wall / Ceiling mounting
  • Air Capacity: Max, 134 m3/h
  • Sound: 21 dB (silent mode)
  • Hole diameter: 105 / 130 mm
  • Duct Dimension: 100 mm and 125 mm
  • Voltage / Frequency: 100-240 / 50-60Hz
  • IP Class: IP44
  • Power: 2.1-5.5 W
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Timer Function: YES
  • Humidity Function: YES
  • Motion Function: NO
Self-adjusting humiditycontrol
Fresh is now introducing a unique, fully automatic, intelligent humidity control. This means that the Bathroom Exhaust Fan fan adapts to each family’s habits and learns to run only when it can make a difference. The integrated “sniff function” means that the fan is continually asking itself whether it is making a difference. If it needs to lower the humidity of the air, it starts automatically. This “intelligence” is controlled via an integrated microprocessor, with software that has been thoroughly tested in different environments over several years. The Bathroom Exhaust Fan also has two capacity modes for humidity control, silent or max.
Integrated safety switch
Intellivent® 2.0 has an integrated omnipolar switch as standard, no separate switch is required. According to the Swedish standard for household appliances and apparatus SS-EN 60 335, it must be possible to disconnect electrical equipment in this category from the mains supply. In a fixed installation, an omnipolar switch with a contact distance of at least 3mm must always be installed.
Life span
Thanks to the low voltage motor, which has an operating time of around 60,000 hours, the life span is up to five times longer compared with an ordinary fan. We are so confident of the quality of Intellivent® 2.0 that we offer a five year guarantee.
Virtually silent
The low voltage motor uses extremely quiet bearings and is almost silent when working. Those of you who previously had a Bathroom Exhaust Fan with a conventional AC motor will hardly notice that the fan is running.
A very popular function is the ability to open the centre of the Bathroom Exhaust Fan and gain free access to the duct. In the new Intellivent® 2.0 the impeller can easily be removed for cleaning.
Control panel
Bathroom Exhaust Fan functions can easily be controlled via the panel. When the fan is connected to the mains supply, it also performs a self-test where all the LED lights on the control panel and the function of the
motor are tested. The control panel buttons are built to withstand at least one million button presses.
Integrated speed control
Intellivent® 2.0 has an integrated speed control which controls the fan’s capacity. During continuous operation the fan can run extremely quietly at low speed. When the fan next detects humidity it starts the function and speed you have chosen, either Silent or Max mode. You can choose different capacities for different functions. With the timer function, for instance, it is possible to have a higher speed for faster extraction.
Intellivent® 2.0 has an integrated timer which you can activate in several different ways, either via the light switch, pull cord or a separate switch, of standard or momentary type. Airing function Intellivent® 2.0 has a function that has the fan running an airing program for 60 minutes to air and exchange the air in the bathroom if the fan has been inactive for 26 hours. This function means you can avoid stuffy, musty odours in the bathroom when you have been away for a while.
Intellivent® 2.0 always lets you know what it is doing with the help of an LED indicator in different colours. A blue light means the fan is working to expel hazardous moisture; a yellow light means the timer is activated; a purple light means the fully automatic airing function is active.
Back draught protection
When there is a risk of backdraught when the fan is mounted on the wall, leave the fan running continuously at low speed or install the back draught protection accessory.
Power consumption
Thanks to Intellivent® 2.0 being operated by a low-voltage motor, it has been possible to substantially reduce energy consumption. The fan only consumes five watts, about a third of what a conventional bathroom fan uses.
Front covers
Intellivent® 2.0 is delivered fully assembled in white or black design. A number of different coloured front covers are available as extras, or choose a colour yourself.

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