Bathroom Exhaust Fan PAX Norte Timer-Humidity-APP

Pax Norte is a fully automatic bathroom fan, ready to use in its default. The fan’s basic setting is for continuous operation at low speed with humidistat and light sensors activated with three speed modes.

Pax Norte works continuously with a basic flow of approximately 30 m³/h.
When a light is switched on or when shadows change when someone moves in the room, the flow increases to approximately 60 m³/h.
If the humidity rises rapidly, for example when the shower is on, the fan goes up to maximum flow at approximately 95 m³/h.
When the humidity has been removed, the fan reverts to the basic flow of approximately 30 m³/h.
This ensures constant healthy air circulation and a better indoor climate throughout the house.

What you get with a Pax Norte®:

1. Fully automatic bathroom fan, ready to use in its default

2. Choose between 5 preset profiles and have the opportunity to do more settings and adjustments via Pax app

3. Easy to install and use

4. Very quiet 17-20dB (A) 3m

5. Effective, 110 m3 / h free blowing

6. Energy-saving, maximum 4 W

7. Boost function

8. Separate 12 V input

9. Safe and secure. Each fan is thoroughly tested.

10. Developed and manufactured in Sweden


Pax Norte is extremely quiet and, of course, it’s approved for use in wet rooms.

The app allows you to select several functions and make adjustments
If you want more functions and adjustments you can download Pax’s intelligent app ”Pax Wireless”. With the app you can use a smart calendar function, boost mode, airing function and you can program your fan to be a heat transfer.
Via the app you can also pair your fan with your towel warmer with Momento II™ timer. Then the towel warmer switches on automatically when the fan’s humidity sensor detects an increased humidity level, for example when you start showering.

Innovation in every detail
Pax Norte was developed and is manufactured in Sweden. As usual, we’ve taken an uncompromising approach to materials, the environment and quality. Norte is full of state-of-the-art control technology and its performance is more than 20% better than previous models. Pax Norte also offers minimum energy consumption and is very easy to clean.

A fan with unexpected possibilities
Pax Norte was developed for several markets other than just the household market. The integrated 12 volt input makes it possible to use the fan in boats and motorhomes, for example, without draining the batteries. Pax Norte may be one of the most versatile fans we have ever produced.

And, as with all Pax products, every single fan has undergone thorough quality and safety tests. This is why we provide a 5-year warranty on your Pax Norte.

Product sheet Pax Norte white 1560-1 EXProduct sheet28/06/2022
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