CleanZone Ceiling diffuser with Hepa-filter for supply air in clean rooms
  • Rectangular or circular duct connection
  • Size CDH/CLH 60 designed for suspended ceiling systems 600×600 with visible T-bars
  • Equipped with Hepa-filter H14 with gel seal (CLH), or dry seal (CDH)
  • Painted inside for easier cleaning
  • Measurement outlet for dip test and pressure above filter
  • Perforated or nozzle diffuser face
  • Standard colour White RAL 9003
    • 5 alternative standard colours
    • Other colours upon request

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Technical specifications


Velocity over the filter at 0,45 m/s
Size Perf. Nozzle
33-160-1 q (l/s) 41 41
60-315-1 q (l/s) 116 116
66-315-1 q (l/s) 167 167

* Upper limit for the air flow is equivalent to 0.58 m/s across the filter’s nominal gross are. Data applies to 4-way horizontal spread pattern.

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