Electrostatic filter FE SYSTEM


With the constant increase in atmospheric pollution, especially in the most industrialise countries, the demand for air filtration is growing sharply. In the context of sustainable development, the need to minimise the power consumption of plants has become of fundamental importance and is being widely researched. The new range of active electrostatic filters with integrated electronics, the FE SYSTEM series, has been designed and developed for this reason. Electrostatic filter FE SYSTEM is an alternative to traditional pocket filter and was designed to simplify the use of electrostatic filters in AHUs and Rooftops. Its use in ventilation systems, particularly in the air-conditioning sector, does not require changes in the construction and dimensional characteristics of the plant.

The EFI-FE SYSTEM series consists of a new range of active electrostatic filters, very practical and usable in substitution or in addition to traditional mechanical filters (bag and pocket filters), in new and /or existing installations without adaptation costs.

The electrostatic filters FE SYSTEM have been certified according to EN ISO 16890, which determines the new classification of filtration for “air filter for general ventilation”.

The filters efficiency is determined with regard to the particulate classes ePM1, ePM2,5, ePM10, and COARSE which are also used as evaluation parameters by the WHO (World Health Organization) and environmental authorities.

In addition, the Expansion Electronic electrostatic filters subjected to the tests of the UL867 standard have passed the tests and achieved the UL certification, a US standard that relates to the safety of equipment and specifically deals with the Safety of Electrostatic Air Filters.

Performances / Features:

  • high efficiency filtration on particles of 0,3-0,4 micron, comparable to class E10, E11 efficiency according to EN
    1822:2009, and to filtration classes ePM1, ePM2,5, ePM 10 according to EN ISO 16890
  • excellent solution to fight outside polluted air from PM10, PM2,5 and PM1 particles
  • high reduction of bacteria and virus in the air
  • excellent protection of the heat exchanger and of the air pipes from obstruction of polluting agents
  • remote control/signal functioning from external PLC display or directly from the led in the filter.
  • considerable energy saving due to the low resistance on air-flow and therefore reduced voltage


the new range of electronic air filters FE SYSTEM, could be installed in:

– air handling units (electrostatic filter for AHU);

– rooftop (electrostatic filter for Rooftop);

– ventilation ducts.


Filters is the applicability in a variety of industries thanks to the standard sizes compatible with the pocket filters.

AIR CONDITIONING: Installation inside conditioning units for residential, tertiary and industrial sectors.

INDUSTRIAL: Filtration of micro dusts, rubber and plastic fumes, fumes in general, welding fumes (such as ferrous metals, precious metals, control panels) with a maximum concentration of 20 mg/m.

HOSPITAL: Control of aerodynamic contamination for hospital rooms, white rooms, outpatient clinics, waiting rooms.

FOOD SOLUTIONS: Control of air contamination during food processing.

Electrostatic filtration systems are already widely used and tested in civil and industrial environments. Based on the phenomenon of electrostatic precipitation, this type of filtration is characterized by:

1. Very high filtration efficiency, with yields greater than 99%.

2. Contemporary abatement of microorganisms such as bacteria, yeasts, molds and germs.

3. Reliable pressure drop through the filter.

4. The life cycle of the filters is equal to the useful life of the entire unit, with minimal maintenance requirements.

5. Very high level of product reliability.

This allows for a quick recovery of the higher initial investment compared to a traditional filtration system, such as the pocket type, thanks to the reduction in electric consumption of the ventilation sections, as the pressure drop is very low and maintenance costs extremely low since it is not necessary to periodically replace the filters.

Plants characteristics with Electrostatic precipitators (electrostatic filters):
• high efficiency, on the top of E class filtration according to EN 1822 (E10 – E11) till to 2 m/s of speed velocity on the electronic filter;
• low costant pressure drop, compared to the pocket filters currently in use;
• maximum performance linearity (efficiency, pressure drop) during the operative life;
• maximum extension of the operative life (high load capacity in terms of weight of retained pollutants).

These are the basic features, to which is added an extremely important plus: an efficient anti fungal and antibacterial action, in order to avoid the proliferation of bacteria colonies and mold in certain favourable conditions of temperature and humidity, often encountered in typical treatment plants air. For these reasons, and in order to reduce environmental impact, Expansion Electronic has implemented a retrofit’s action that allows you to replace the normal mechanical filters with those of new electrostatic generation one. The advantages are mainly two:

– The lower energy consumption, “energy saving” given by the lower pressure drop and then the re-sizing of existing ventilation fan systems. Thanks to this action is guaranteed a good reduction in CO2 emissions.
– A considerable reduction of the amount of non-recyclable material.

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