Fresh Wall Vent Inlet TL98D


TL98D passive wall vent for wall mounting, designed for continuous ventilation of homes, buildings with a very discreet design. It is possible to wallpaper and paint over the front.

The vent has strong condensation insulation and filter. The vent is also designed with over ventilation protection. The air quantity is regulated with the front which has a mechanism for changing the opening angle.

Can be used with Flimmer Filter PM2.5 – TL98D

Capacity: 7.9 l/s and 7.5 l/s for models with storm shield at 10 Pa
Wall opening: Ø105,
Material: ABS plastic (recyclable)
Colour: White, NCS S1002-650Y

Include Fresh Grille #150 White

If you want another color than white please notify us as we have other colors as well.




Wall vent inlet with a very discreet design. It is possible to wallpaper and paint over the front. The wall vent inlet is equipped with strong condensation insulation, over ventilation protection and filters. The flow is regulated at the front which has a mechanism for changing the opening angle. The front is opened at the upper edge and forces air upwards which provides a comfortable distribution pattern.

Standard wall pipe

For the complete finish the vent is supplied with a wall pipe and external grille. The wall pipe consists of two sleeve couplings and wall pipe. Two alternative wall pipe are available. One of them consists of a number of modular pipes that can be fitted by pushing them together. The other is a full length pipe. When using the full length pipe, the adapters are supplied with seals which provide a secure seal against the pipe. The internal vent part and external grille fit on the adapters with a snap-in bracket.

Internal vent part

The internal vent part has strong condensation insulation, filter, as well as a front that can be angled upward at the upper edge to set the flow. The filter is mounted in a filter cassette which is also equipped with a guard to protect against any water running in. The front has four opening positions for varying the flow. The distribution pattern has been carefully developed in order to suit underfloor heating systems, the vent releases the air upwards and to the sides. The intervention of indoor air is very effective; strongly cooled air reaches a comfortable temperature only a few decimeters from the fitting.


The vent should be placed down on the wall. Positioning it like this utilises the convection current, achieving the best comfort.


To ensure good air quality and maintain airflow, the filter should be cleaned/replaced 1–2 times a year. The standard filter is washable, use a mild detergent. Replace pollen and Flimmer filters. The standard/pollenfilter is installed in a filter cassette behind the front which is easily removed by releasing the front from the lower brackets and then lifting it up. The filter cassette is pulled straight out from the vent chassis. The Flimmer filter replaces the filter holder.


There is a complete range of accessories for the vent.

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