Expansion Electronic’s FX ozonisation cell is suitable for the sanitation, hygiene and disinfection of plants and environments, as it can degrade and eliminate any pollutant or harmful agent such as viruses, bacteria, mites,spores, molds, insects and even toxic chemicals and unpleasant odours. The FX cell has been completely designed, created and implemented in Italy in order to ensure the highest possible reliability. The application areas that can get the greatest advantages are the public sector, healthcare, food and hospitability/catering. Thanks to its multipolar connection system, you can place multiple cells depending on the filtration demands and airflow. They are easy to assemble and disassemble: you simply need to slide them from their frame in the air handling unit. The integrated power electronic circuiti s waterproof and comes with a LED that checks the correct operation of the filter.


The cell uses the oxygen in the air. Through the use of a fan, the air flows into the machine where the “corona effect” takes place electronically, separating oxygen molecules into atoms. The oxygen atom bonds with free molecules, thus creating ozone. In just a few minutes, the FX system generates enough ozone to saturate the environment. During this process, people must vacate the treated area.

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