The IDILLIUM series is the latest solution. Its main feature is its low-noise operation and its traditional design and extremely reduced size makes it look really good in any surroundings. It is available with a wood finishing in two ceiling-mounted models (SL) and one wall- mou nted model (CL), both with medium-high performance levels. Its simple and rational design makes all maintenance and installation operations quick, easy and cost-effectiv The infrared remote control, supplied standard, is used to select one of the three operating speeds by just a press in the button.





Basic system

BASIC SYSTEM technology identifies traditional air purification systems with electrostatic filters. This technology is used by all the manufacturers in the sector. Unlike other technologies, its efficiency is not constant as the air filtering performance lowers gradually the dirtier the filter gets. This technology is the simplest and earliest version of electrostatic filtration and works with standard applications and management systems.

The information managed by the electronic circuit and displayed the control panel only shows the
basic functions.