InVENTor Compact JW Decentralized heat recovery ventilation

For wall thickness 140-280mm

  • Supply clean fresh air to the premises
  • Remove stale extract air from the premises
  • Prevent penetration of excessive humidity and appearance of mould
  • Protect against outdoor noise
  • Reduce the heating costs in winter and air conditioning costs in summer
  • Low energy demand

Energetic and compact

During the extraction mode it accumulates the heat of the room air. After 70 seconds, the Xenion reversible fan changes its rotating direction and the stored heat is released into the intake air flow. In this way it is possible to save up to 87 % of the rooms’ heat through the ceramic heat accumulator.

It is controlled via one of the following system controllers (not include in package and needs to be ordered)

  • sMove s4 (Control up to 4 units)
  • sMove s8 (Control up to 8 units)

Components Include in package

  • Inner cover incl. dust filter of class G4
  • Thermal accumulator inserts (thermal accumulator and inVENTron®)
  • Wall sleeve
  • Exterior closure


  • Pollen, micro and activated carbon filter options available
  • Sound and wind protection options available as accessory

Maximum capacity – 58 m3/h. (Heat recovery mode 29 m3/h)

Order item, 3-4 weeks


Energetic and compact

The InVENTor-JW ventilation system is designed to ventilate living rooms and bedrooms in single- and multi-family homes, hotels and guest houses, rooms in public facilities and work rooms in office buildings. It is designed as a solution for buildings with the special requirements of particularly thin exterior walls.

This unit has a special external hood, which discreetly conceals the minimal excess length. The installation is intended for a wall thickness from 140 mm (plastering/rendering included). The unit can be employed for both newly constructed buildings and in refurbishments.

The patented inVENTron technology, together with the new powerful Xenion fan, assures an all-over ventilation. With this technique, a maximum flow of 29 m3/h can be reached on heat recovery mode (58 m3/h in exhaust mode).

The ventilation unit InVENTor-JW comprises a wall sleeve into which a thermal accumulator insert is installed, as well as an inner cover and an exterior closure.

The thermal accumulator insert consists of the ceramic thermal accumulator and inVENTron®.Due to the flow-optimised design of inVENTron®, the two guiding vanes with embedded reversible fan XENION®, ensures efficient capacity utilization and an even flow through the thermal accumulator.

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