The REOCLEAN unit was designed and developed for applications in the residential sector. With the constant increase in atmospheric pollution breathing quality air in the home has become a widely talked about and extremely important issue. REOCLEAN captures the external air and, by means of a filtering process, returns clean air to the home. Thanks to its compact size it can be installed both on the wall and on the ceiling using the standard supplied brackets. REOCLEAN basically comprises a painted sheet metal structure containing a high-efficiency filtering body. On request, it can be supplied with both an air ionising module that improves sterilisation and anactivated carbon module that reduces bad smells.



• Alarm buzzer.
• Ionisation module
• Activated carbon module
• Air connectors

Basic system

BASIC SYSTEM technology identifies traditional air purification systems with electrostatic filters. This technology is used by all the manufacturers in the sector. Unlike other technologies, its efficiency is not constant as the air filtering performance lowers gradually the dirtier the filter gets. This technology is the simplest and earliest version of electrostatic filtration and works with standard applications and management systems.