What is ERV and how does it work


Ventilation keeps oxygen levels inside the building adequate and extracts harmful fumes and odors outside. Incoming air is always filtered through high quality filters so that indoor living is healthy and comfortable. With intelligent ventilation you guarantee fresh and healthy air, save energy and prevent problematic moisture.


Extract air is removed from the apartment & house through the extract valves and ducting to the ventilation unit. The extract air is taken from those parts of the apartment that have the highest amount of substances harmful to air quality such as the toilet, kitchen, washroom and bathroom. The air continues inside the unit to the built-in enthalpy exchanger which recovers the cold / heat energy from the extract air, passes the extract air fan and is sent outside as exhaust air.

Simultaneously fresh and outside air enters the unit, passing through filters that remove all harmful substances, and continues to the enthalpy exchanger where it is cooled down / heated up by the recovered energy.ERV Drawing 2
During summer (Warm climate), the incoming air is pre-cooled if the house is equipped with an air cooling system.

The energy recovery core at the center of the unit transfers cold / heat and moisture from the incoming air to the outgoing air that was cooled and dried by the building’s air conditioner.

Finally, it is distributed through supply air ducts and diffusers to the apartments supply air.

ERV In the olden days we simply opened the window for fresh air. But this way we lost a significant amount of energy and it didn’t gave a controlled balanced air flow and today the outdoor air is also polluted. With intelligent energy recovery ventilation systems, you can recover up to 90 percent of the exhaust air cold / heat energy to use to cold / heat the incoming fresh air. Intelligent ventilation does not waste energy but re-uses it to create free cooling / heating or passive cooling and saves household energy costs.

Inadequate and unbalanced ventilation can lead to increased moisture levels that provide a habitat for harmful microbes and molds. Intelligent ventilation extracts excess humidity from indoor air and makes sure that uncontrolled pressure differences don’t create a risk of moisture in the building envelope.

Using VentPro ERV system provides balanced filtered ventilation throughout the home that does not upset any gas or fossil fuel appliance or system. You can breathe easy knowing the air in your home is clean and fresh.

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