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Efficiency datacenter

Efficiency on Datacenters means high ROI, high quality components and less maintenance. Cost saving is just a matter of quality of the products and solution.

Speaking of energy consumed by data centers as a problem of urgent relevance is necessary because, unlike what one might expect, the share of world energy demand for the operation of the digital world is significant. It is often said that “if the data center were a country, would be equivalent to …” and the graph is a clear example.

it cooling solition the it cooling efficiency on datacenter

Source: Greenpeace International, How clean is your cloud, April 2012.
Note: Cloud consumption here includes telecomunication infrastructure, but not the entire ICT ecosystem.

Simultaneously, all forecasts give significant increases in data traffic and the development of new infrastructure in the coming years, and therefore not surprisingly the issue of the reduction of energy expended by the data center is, and probably will continue to be, a key factor for the development of related industry.

it cooling solition the it cooling efficiency on datacenter 2

Data Source: Cysco, The Zetatbyte Era
Note: At 80 Zettabyte monthly, the world enters the zettabyte per year era

High precision cooling

The high precision and reliability of Ventpro’s close control units brings your Datacenter to the highest level of system efficiency with tailored solutions carried by experience and knowledge of the customer’s pain.

It is fundamentally wrong to assume that the electric power expenditure in a data center is only that required to operate IT equipment. In contrast, only a fraction of the total power input is eventually used to feed the server and storage unit.

Lighting, services, ventilation, UPS, etc, but cooling is one that especially contributes to an increase in power consumption compared to the mere absorption of IT equipment.

it cooling solition the it cooling high precision cooling

Free cooling

it cooling solition the it cooling free cooling
Image off free cooling in Europe
it cooling solition the it cooling free cooling 2
Direct means that ambient air is used directly to remove heat load generated by IT equipment
Pros: More efficient
Cons: air quality issues, humidity control.
it cooling solition the it cooling free cooling 3
Indirect means that a heat transfer media is used between ambient air and the Data Center
Pros: physical separation between ambient air and Data Center, no concern for air quality, humidity, security
Cons: less efficient because of two temperature difference gaps.


Reliability on datacenter

The ultimate goal of a data center is ultimately to provide a continuous service, 24/7. For this reason, the reliability of all the systems (power supply, UPS, cooling) must be ensured and, in addition to the quality of the components, it is necessary to provide a certain degree of “redundancy” to all systems, ensuring that the failure of a component does not cause an interruption of the service. The Uptime Institute has developed the “Tier” classification to describe the reliability level of a data center.

Different levels of “Tier” provide ever increasing levels of redundancy and complexity, with the ultimate goal of drastically reducing the “downtime” of a data center, due to an accident or human error.


it cooling solition the it cooling reliability on datacenter

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