House Phuket Swegon Casa R5 with Cooling Coil and Cooking Hood

Customer build a low energy house with good insulation and good doors and windows. They choose Swegon Casa R5 with rotary heat recovery (recover up to 86% of cooled air) and DX cooling coil on the supply air. When you build an airtight home it is also good to install Swegons Cooking hood that we connect to CASA ERV. In practice, when use the cooking hood the Casa ERV will supply extra air to cover up for the cooking hood when it extract air when you cook food.  All to keep negative and positive pressure in balance.

Some of the products we used

Swegon Casa R5

Sordo A

Supply SDK
Extract EXK

Cooling Coil
DX Coil

Cooking Hood
Swegon Samba