Loch Palm Golf Club (Phuket) – Whole House ERV

This customer reached out to us because he desired a fresh and cool indoor air climate. To induce this we created our Whole House ERV package with a cooker hood and comfortable cooling.

The former two (Whole House ERV & cooker hood) makes sure that the indoor air quality is perfectly fresh - this is due to the air exchange and filtration that is taken place - whilst the later (comfortable cooling) makes sure that the whole house has a cool and comfortable temperature as well as it keeps the RH (relative humidity) between 40-60%.

Complete ERV with comfortable cooling

Products used:


Supply diffuser – SDK

Exhaust diffuser – EXK

Cooling coil – DX air cooler 

Filter – Electrostatic filter

Silencer – Sordo A

Cooker hood – CASA Jazz

Ducting – Spiral ducts (image below)

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