Sammakorn Village – Whole House ERV

This customer reached out to us since his house was so un-fresh due to the high humidity that he had trouble sleeping at night. To combat this issue we installed our Whole House ERV system with a cooling coil. The former makes sure that there is sufficient airflow inside of the house which instantly gives the house a fresher feeling, and the latter ensures 40-60% RH (relative humidity) as well as a comfortable temperature inside the entire house.

He was also concerned with lowering the PM 2.5 that then was present in his house, and we therefore installed our electrostatic filter. This now makes sure that the air that's supplied into his house is 95-99% filtered, which in return guarantees WHO's guideline for PM 2.5.

Complete ERV with comfortable cooling

These are the products used:

Air handling unit



Supply: SDK 

Exhaust: EXK

Cooling coil

DX air cooler 


Electrostatic filter  


Sordo A


Spiral ducts (see image below)

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