Samujana Koh Samui – Whole House ERV

The house owner had a problem with high humidity levels and the odor that was created by this.

To reduce the humidity level we installed a cooling coil in our standard 'Whole House ERV' system, this also brings him the benefit of a comfortable temperature inside the entire house. This is very appreciated since the need for an air conditioner is lessened greatly.

To make sure that there is enough air in every room of the house, we balanced the supplied and extracted air. You can see the process of this at the right picture below.

The customers are very happy with the installation since the wife's clothes are completely mold free. This was a problem for them since they live abroad half of the year, and both clothes and furniture are then at risk of mold production due to the high humidity and lack of airflow. This create a very comfortable indoor environment.

Complete ERV with Comfortable cooling

These are the products that were used:

Swegon Casa R5

Sordo A

Supply SDK
Extract EXK

Cooling Coil
DX Coil

Spiral ducts 

Image at the bottom right.


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