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Wall Vents

Wall vents provide homes with a continuous draught free and filtrated airflow. Combine it with an extract fan example, PAX Intelligent fan and create an airflow in your home.
    • ps1018004

      Vents Wall Vent Inlet PS101

      Vents Wall vent inlets takes in air for constant ventilation ...
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    • pss1028004

      Vents Wall Vent Inlet With Solar Panel PSS102

      Vents Wall vent inlets take in air for constant ventilation ...
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    • Standard filter TDL Fresh VentPro

      Standardfilter TL-D 3-pcs

      Replacement filter for Fresh Passive Inlet TL-D Series. The filter ...
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    • Pollen Filter Class G4 Fresh VentPro 1

      Pollen Filter TL-D 3-pcs

      Filter for Fresh Passive Inlets TL-D Serie Filter that effectively ...
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    • Flimmerfilter stor

      Flimmerfilter PM2.5 – TL98D

      There are different filter options for your Fresh passive inlet. ...
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