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What is ventilation?

By definition, ventilation distribute fresh air to a room, or building and exhaust “bad” air out from your room or building. To the incoming air (supply air) there is different options to filter the air (as today in many cities the air outside is polluted) before it is entering your room or building. Air filtration captures air particles at the source through specialized filters, for deeper reading about filters click here…Eurovent Air Filters Guidebook 

Air filters are essential in ensuring a good indoor air quality, which evidently increases productivity levels, reduces health risks, and provides for a good level of comfort.

Simply put, ventilation is there to provide a good IAQ (indoor air quality). Normally this is measured in CO2/VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) concentration, oxygen level, temperature, humidity, etc. within the building, or facility.

There are several types of ventilation systems: natural, mechanical and hybrid or “mixed–mode”, and all with different degrees of airflow.

Air Purification Defined

Air purification is the process of sanitizing the air by neutralizing airborne toxins (gases and off-gassing, bacteria, viral or fungal matter, toxic pathogens, etc.).

Air purification uses a different method than an air filter (example air filters in ventilation) to purify the air of toxins. Instead of simply trapping airborne particles within the mechanism of a tangible filter, an air purifier emits something to kill, neutralize, transform or otherwise render airborne toxins harmless.

There are various air purification systems available. Some are better at purifying than others, and some systems are safer to use than others.

Conversely, a purifier detoxes the existing air, making it supplementary to a ventilation system—not substitutional.

One main distinction between air purifier and ventilation is that air filtration doesn’t bring in the needed fresh air (oxygen) to a building; ventilation does that.

Regardless how efficient the purification system, homes need a fresh air supply.

VentPro ventilation solutions do exactly this: they exhaust old air and bring in new fresh and clean air. We want to create an airflow between the outside and inside, using a variety of components and technologies to regulate it.

Without ventilation, modern homes trap too much humidity and pollutants. This can contribute to mold and mildew growth over time.

Of course, using both an air purifier and a ventilator will result in the highest quality air inside your home. Not only will the air be free from contaminants, but it will also be fresh and healthy.

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