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Flimmerfilter PM2.5 – TL98D

There are different filter options for your Fresh passive inlet. Extra efficiently is our flimmer filter, fits the model TL98D. It filters out nearly 100% of all pollen particles and has a durability.
Keep in mind that flimmer and pollen filters can not be cleaned, they need to be replaced if necessary.

Used with Fresh Wall Inlet TL98D

Equivalent filter class EU8, F7
Dimensions: Ø94 x 101 mm


There are several advantages:

• Separation along the fibres
• Low and constant pressure fall during the whole time of use
• Long durability, 1-2 yrs between filter changes
• High collecting efficiency on all types of particles and sizes
• The filter as whole is adjusted to the environment = inflammable (contains only polypropylene).

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