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SAVE SET 2 x Twinfresh Easy D RL-50 2 room air handing unit with heat recovery

For wall thickness 120-300mm

SAVE SET with 2 x TwinFresh Easy-D RL-50-2

TwinFresh Easy-D RL-50-2 Quantity
Air duct 2
Sound-absorbing layer 2
Assembled cartridge 2
Internal round ventilation grille 2
Internal square ventilation grille 2
External grille 2
Control panel 1
Remote control 1
Mounting fasteners 1
Mounting box 1
Packing box 1
  • Supply clean fresh air to the premises
  • Remove stale extract air from the premises
  • Clean the air of dust and insects
  • Prevent penetration of excessive humidity and appearance of mould
  • Protect against outdoor noise
  • Recover heat and provide humidity balance inside
  • Reduce the heating costs in winter and air conditioning costs in summer
  • Low energy demand

Maximum capacity – 50 m3/h.

External Hood For wall thickness 120-

EH-2 grey 160
Grey painted stainless steel outer hood for thin walls

EH-2 chrome 160
Brushed stainless steel outer hood for thin walls

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